What Does Your Wife Really Want for Valentine’s Day?

Is your wife putting you under a lot of pressure, now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? Are you wondering what you can give her that will be a change to the generic gifts you tend to fall back on? Romance should feature high on the gifts list of qualities, because for the ladies a touch of this can make things very special indeed. If you’ve been married for a few years now you might be wondering where the romance went to. But don’t worry because it’s there under the surface and just needs a nudge to bring it to life.

best gift ideas for wivesIf you’re wondering what you can do to make Valentine’s Day more romantic, you’ve already made a big step in the right direction – you found your way to this website. But seriously, relax, because it’s not as difficult as you’re thinking. You want to show your wife that you love her and ensure that she knows you mean it. How hard can that be?

The focus of Valentine’s Day has to be your wife. Deciding on what she likes doing, planning and executing your plans is all part of the day. Get it right and you can be sure that this Valentine’s Day is going to go down in history, as the most memorable one yet.

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Make a Valentine’s Day Plan

While it might be easy for the romance to fade in a marriage it’s not too difficult to get it back again either. If you think that the ship has already sailed then you couldn’t be more wrong. All it takes is a little bit of effort and a touch of consideration and the flames will soon be burning bright again. Love and passion isn’t just reserved for the early years, it should continue throughout your marriage. Let’s help with your plan by giving you some tips on finding the perfect Valentine’s gifts for your wife.

Surprises are good – so include at least one
There aren’t many wives who wouldn’t appreciate a surprise on Valentine’s Day, so think of something you can do that she won’t be expecting. Stuck for ideas? Keep reading and we’ll give you a few of our favourites.

  • Receiving a card in the mail is still exciting, and it’s a more romantic choice than leaving it on the kitchen table and waiting for your wife to find it. If you want to send your wife a message during the day you can always send her a few romantic texts.
  • Start the day withValentine’s Gifts for Your Wife. It doesn’t matter what you serve up, or how you serve it if you add a single red rose to her breakfast tray. However, there are lots of ways you can make breakfast special. Write a message on her egg or squeeze chocolate sauce on her pancake in the shape of a heart. Make her toast in the shape of a heart or give her chocolate dipped strawberries on top of her bowl of cereal.
  • Send her a love poem by text message. Does she have a favourite love song? Can you find the words to write your own? There is plenty of help available online if you’re struggling to find the words.
  • Some gifts to open when she wakes up. Why not give her a voucher for a massage? You could buy some seed packets for her to plant in the garden, or a new palette of colours if she loves to paint. These gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Their aim is to show her how much you care and that you know what she likes.

The focus of the day must be your wife

You might like a boiled egg and toast to dip in them but on Valentine’s Day the choice of breakfast should be your wife’s. Even if that means you have to serve up chocolate ice-cream with whipped cream and raspberry sauce. If you’re letting her go to the office then at the very least make her lunch box and place in it a single red rose. You can make heart-shaped sandwiches with her favourite filling or heart-shaped biscuits. Both will make her work mates jealous.

If you’re thinking about a movie night at home then make sure the choice is hers. Even if that means you’ve got to endure your least favourite genre – the chick flick. And don’t forget to look interested even if you’d rather watch paint dry.

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You might think that some of our suggestions are soppy, but take it from us she’ll be thinking sentimental. Is there a book or movie that she particularly enjoys? Take her to the location where it’s set. If you’re thinking about a bouquet of flowers then make her think you bought the flower shop by buying her more than one. You could always surprise her with a bouquet of wild flowers you picked on the way home. As long as you don’t end up picking what she would consider weeds, or pinch them from the neighbours garden.

Valentines gifts for your wife don’t have to be expensive. They do however, have to be romantic, sentimental and given from the heart. Even if you only find the time to give her a card, have a go at making one yourself and include a loving message and she’ll appreciate the effort and thought that went into it.