Valentine’s Day Has No Age Limit

Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14 in many countries around the world. Valentine’s day is a celebration of love in all its forms. Whilst romantic love is the major celebration amongst adults, everyone can celebrate the love they have for friends and family members. This means that Valentine’s day is not just for adults, but for young children too, who can send Valentine’s day cards to their parents. Adults show their love and affection to their significant other, but also to their friends, co-workers and other people they care about to ensure they know we are grateful to have them in our lives and that they are special to us.

Popular gifts for everyone

old coupleAmongst the top three most popular gifts for Valentine’s day are cards, flowers and chocolates. Though these may be thoughtful and the obvious gifts that you would choose for your Valentine, a gift to your beloved could be something more significant. A card, flowers and chocolates are lovely gifts for the others in your life whom you love. If you are not comfortable with the word “love,” you can just tell your friends that you appreciate them being in your life. Maybe there is something specific that you want to thank them for. Just saying “Thank you” is good in adults relationships.

24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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Blue Glazed Rose Earrings

Blue glazed rose earrings in heart theme

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Valentine’s day greeting cards

Valentine’s day cards allow us to articulate sentiments, not just to our sweetheart, but to everyone who make our life better for being in it. To say thank you to family and friends for support, love and care. Expressing gratitude for shared times, for laughter, for honesty and trust. Siblings, parents, educators and instructors, grandparents and your favorite barista. All can be on your Valentine’s day greeting card list whether children or adults.

The language of flowers

Charles II of Sweden is thought to be responsible for introducing the “language of flowers” to Europe in the 1700s. There were books published about the meaning of flowers and how one could have an entire conversation with only a bouquet of flowers. In Victorian times, when Valentine’s day gained significant popularity, flowers were used to communicate one’s feelings without words. Flowers could convey a wide array of messages depending on the size and arrangement of the bouquet, the type of flowers, or even how they were delivered.

Red roses signify passion and love and are perfect for lovers. Yellow roses celebrate friendship so can be sent between best friends. Pink roses mean grace and appreciation, a perfect Valentine’s day gift for the older women you love. Roses are not the only flowers that send a message. Other flowers have long held meaning as well: Lilies of the Valley mean “Let’s Make Up”, marigolds represent “happiness” and bluebells signify “steadfast”.

young coupleToday, the symbolism of flowers is not so important, yet it can be fun to know a little about the language of flowers, as mentioning their significance and the reason behind your choice in an accompanying card will make the gift even more meaningful.

If you have friends from other countries, you might want to avoid giving yellow or white flowers, since yellow flowers, as well as an even number of stems, may indicate bad luck or a breakup to someone from Russia or Ukraine. In China, yellow and white flowers, especially chrysanthemums, are used for funerals, and the number four is strongly linked to death. Mexicans may associate yellow flowers with memorial services. White chrysanthemums are also popular as funeral flowers in Belgium, Switzerland and Italy and white carnations symbolize death in Japan.
Gold-dipped natural rose

Valentine’s day gifts

Giving gifts is another way to say thank you to everyone in your life that you love. The great thing about Valentine’s day is that those gifts do not have to be extravagant or expensive for family and friends. Chocolate is a popular gift on Valentine’s day, buy premium chocolate that you know your recipient loves. Young people rarely say no to chocolate. Other Valentine’s day gifts to consider for adults are a bottle of their favorite drink. Books, photographs or a spa trip are other gifts that will be well received by young and old. Valentine’s day is the holiday where it really is the thought that counts, so writing a poem for someone, even if it is not very good, will be appreciated as a way to celebrate your love.

Share a meal

Sharing a meal with someone whose company you really enjoy is an amazing experience whether they are children or adults. A Valentine’s day dinner reservation with your lover is a time for romance. If you prefer, have lunch with your friends, cook with your partner, brunch with your parents or have a party with your kids. On Valentine’s day, you get to choose who you spend your time with and generally you can expect to spend that time one-on-one with someone you really enjoy being around.

So, on Valentine’s day this year, celebrate the day and bask in the love you share with everyone who matters to you.