How to Show a Little Creativity with Your Valentine’s Day Gifts

Why not do things a little differently this year and try some of our creative Valentine’s gift ideas? Imagine your special lady’s surprise when she receives a creative gift that you made yourself. Chocolates and flowers are fine ideas but don’t you think they’re a little old hat? The creative Valentine’s ideas for her we’re going to share aren’t going to take a lot of time or effort, or call for spending loads of money. You’ll also save hours wandering aimlessly around the gift stores, or wasting time clicking through lots of online gift sites.

First you’ll need to think about what she likes and you can make a gift that will perfectly suit her. You might even surprise yourself and have some fun, creating a gift that will be remembered.

Creative Valentine’s ideas that even a novice can make

creative and inexpensive valentines giftsA bag filled with kisses – Cut some pieces of red card into heart shapes and think about all the different ways and places you’d love to kiss your wife or girlfriend. Write the kisses down on the hearts and give them to your spouse in a sparkly red bag. Without getting too smutty here are a few suggestions: on the cheek, stood next to the ocean, at the top of a mountain, passionately, on the toes… get the idea?

A book of reasons – Make a cute book and fill it with all the reasons you love your Valentine, and why you’re thankful that they chose you. This creative Valentine gift will be a constant reminder of all the good things, so you can forget about all the shortcomings. Although we’re sure there aren’t many.

A special evening at home – First step is to prepare a romantic candlelit dinner. Then give your wife a sensual massage before settling down to watch a movie together. You might not think you’re much of a chef but the fact that you tried to create something tasty will be well received. Another option is to create a tasty meal together, because shared experiences are always memorable.

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Have a picnic – February may not be the best time to have a picnic outside, but is there anything wrong with enjoying a picnic on the rug in front of a blazing fire? You can order in a take-out or make a few treats yourself.

Take the day off from work – Surprise your partner by taking the day off, so you can spend the day together. After breakfast in bed, enjoy the morning relaxing and then head out for a romantic lunch. Spend the afternoon chilling at a spa resort and finish off the day by booking a table at her favourite restaurant.

Fruit carving – This idea seems to have become a YouTube sensation at the moment but can be adapted for Valentine’s Day to give your sweetheart a carving that perfects shows how much you love her. Carve ‘I love you’ into a melon and leave your gift in the refrigerator for her to discover on Valentine’s morning.

gift for valentineA bedtime message – Buy some crisp white sheets and some sticky backed letters. Make the bed and leave her a message with the letters stuck onto the sheets.

Heart shaped soap – Get a large bar of pink soap and carve it into the shape of a heart. Leave it in the shower for her to discover, together with a sweet note that expresses your love.

Ditch the bouquet of flowers and chocolate for more creative Valentines ideas for her

More than ever consumers are looking for cost-effective ways to celebrate certain holidays and Valentine’s Day is no different. There are heaps of inexpensive ways to show the people you love how much you care. We’re here to help you be more imaginative with some creative Valentines gifts.

A living plant rather than cut flowers – A great way to enjoy flowers for much longer, because let’s face it most women love to be given flowers, is to buy your wife or girlfriend a plant for the garden. That way you can both watch the plant grow and be proud that you’ve chosen a gift that is eco-friendly, as there are no nasty cellophane wrappers to throw away.

valentine adventureA touch of Valentine adventure – These are the kind of creative Valentines gifts that could cost a few hundred dollars or be completely free, depending on how you want to celebrate. For just a couple of hundred dollars you can jump out of a plane, or a hike in the snowy mountains will cost nothing at all. Take along a bottle of champagne, cheese and biscuits so you can enjoy a romantic picnic. Not forgetting a warm blanket, because February isn’t know for warm weather.

Enjoy a shared creative experience – A very romantic and loving way to spend Valentine’s Day is doing something new together. If you’re both looking to try something new together then why not book some classes or join an event? On offer are such things as salsa dancing lessons, a gourmet cooking class, art lessons or some yoga or Pilates sessions.

Reduce your stress levels – Creative Valentines ideas for her that will reduce her stress and free up some of her free time will be well received. Book the services of a maid for the day, so she can go and enjoy a spot of pampering without the worry of all those household chores. Arrange for someone else to look after the baby and your pets for the day so you can enjoy the silence. Agree to give yourselves a weekend free of all those mundane chores and responsibilities. This is your time to relax and do nothing much at all.

Valentine’s Day is the time for showering your loved ones with sweet gestures and gifts. You can choose to spend it together or add in your closest family members for a family Valentine celebration. This special day is for celebrating the love you share with other people, and doesn’t have to be exclusive to you and your wife.

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