Dress Code for a Valentine’s Day Party

You want to dress to impress on Valentine’s Day, particularly if you are going out to a party, a meal or an event to celebrate your love with your significant other. It is also a chance for those wanting to attract a partner to show themselves off at their best, with confidence, panache and skill. Before we start on the style, color and dress code for your Valentine’s day celebrations, it is worth saying that if you feel good about how you look with your hair done well and your skin clear then you will exude a confidence that will attract people to you.

Here are some tips to help you, men as well as women, attend the Valentine’s day party in style. First we look at the dress code for women:

Traditional dress code color

girl in the backyardThe usual dress code for a Valentine’s day theme party is a red dress. However, some women prefer to be wearing pink and that is perfectly acceptable. You can chose to wear anything in red, a long red gown or a short little red dress to fit with the theme of love.

Lace or frills

Lace is a very sexy fabric for a Valentine’s day party. It gives others a glimpse of what is underneath, without giving anything away. Be careful not to use so much lace in your outfit that you look like a bedroom curtain. If you wear a lacy or frilly top, match this with an understated black skirt.

Try a new hairstyle

Try a new hairstyle that will add to your confidence and surprise those you know and want to impress. Adding glitter hairspray, sparkling clips or other hair accessories to set off your new style, but be subtle, so you do not look like a Christmas tree.

Accessorize with style

As it is a Valentine’s day party, add a little more spark to your accessories than you might usually. Wear sparkling ear-rings and necklace to lift your outfit. If you prefer not to wear a necklace, wear a bracelet to highlight your demure wrists.

Express your feelings through color

Every Valentine’s day party is one where you want to bring joy and happiness, but you may also want to indicate your feelings too. The Valentine’s day party dress code also includes a color code that lets others know if you are spoken for or not. These are the meanings for the meaning of colors for Valentine’s day:

    • Blue Color – Love applications are invited. Do not wear this color if you are already engaged or married since it means you are totally free to accept any Valentine’s day proposal.
    • Green Color – this color shows that you are waiting for someone special.
    • Red Color – Red is the color of love. If someone is wearing a red outfit at a Valentine’s day party, then she or he is already in love and not free to react to advances from others.

old fashion dress

  • Black Color – When it comes to the dress code on Valentine’s day, black means a rejection of a proposal of marriage. If you are waiting for a response to your proposal on Valentine’s day and your lady wears black, the Valentine’s day dress code means she is rejecting your proposal. However, not everyone understands the dress code so ask her since she may be choosing black as many women have a “little black number” in the closet that makes them feel sexy and confident and she may actually want to say yes to your proposal.
  • White Color – the Valentine’s day dress code means that white is the color showing that the person will deny a love proposal on this Valentine’s day and that they hope you understand the reason for the denial.
  • Orange Color – an exciting color to wear at a Valentine’s day party, it means that the wearer is about to propose.
  • Pink Color – this color simply means that your proposal is accepted.

Dress code for men for a Valentine’s day party

There is no hard and fast dress code for men attending a Valentine’s day party. A formal dinner on Valentine’s Day is rare, but if you are invited to a formal event an elegant blue suit with a white shirt and oxford lace-ups is a classic combination, unless it is a very formal dress code, in which case you need to opt for a black tuxedo.

If you are taking your Valentine to a more informal party, the most suitable dress code could be a pair of chinos paired with shirt and blazer. Colors can be khaki, navy blue, gray and brown. For an extra touch, add a pocket square to your blazer. Pay special attention to your shoes, she will notice them without a doubt.

As with women, you want to feel confident in what you wear at a Valentine’s day party. You may choose to dress casually, but do this with style and show that you have made an effort to look the best you can.