Valentine’s Day Gifts That will Last Forever

Love is in the air on February 14 and you want to get your true love Valentine’s days gifts that will be forever in her heart. If you are planning to propose on this day, then a ring on her finger will last in time. If you are not sure what Valentine’s day gifts will last a lifetime, here are some suggestions that may help you:

  • Journal
    i love you on a treeShould your wife or girlfriend be sometimes unable to express her emotions to you, gift her a journal so that she does not have to hold in all her emotions, but can express herself in the journal. There are beautiful leather-bound journals in all colors where she can document her fairy tale with her Prince Charming. Buy a journal where clean sheets can be added once the originals are filled. This is a gift that shows how much you love her and support her. It will be a gift that will live forever in her heart as she documents her life with you. To make the gift extra special, add tickets for a weekend vacation or to a movie, concert or sports event you know she will love. It will be the perfect first entry in her journal.
  • Picture Frames
    Nearly every woman has photographs on their smart-phone or tablet that are left unprinted. Buy her a selection of timeless, classic picture frames for her to choose the best pictures that she can display at home or in the office. You can personalise the frames with her monogram, a favorite line from a poem or words of love. The photographs can be changed as often as she likes, but the frames will always last in time. Hide a love note in one of the frames for her to discover and perhaps a gift certificate for her to pick up your surprise gift waiting just for her.
  • Not Just Any Rose
    To make a lasting and memorable Valentine’s day that will stay in her heart forever, present your lady with an immortal 24 karat gold-dipped rose that is unique and creative. Instead of giving her a bouquet of flowers that will die in a few days, buy her a beautifully preserved rose that will last forever. There are real roses that are preserved and dipped in gold in a process that takes three months to provide a gift of quality that she can display every day in your home. This is a magical heirloom gift that will last in time through generations to come.
  • Letters
    Nothing says, “I’ve been thinking of you” the way a love letter does. It is romantic and rare, so very much appreciated. Tell her that you love her, tell her all the things she does and that you share that make your heart sing. This will definitely put a smile on her face, and will last in time much longer than her favorite candy or flowers, though these are good gifts to give with the letter itself.
  • Whisk her away on a trip
    Valentine’s day gifts that will forever stay in her heart include experiences as much as physical gifts. If you have not been on a vacation in a while, this is a perfect time to plan a trip away. Just the idea of a vacation with you will excite her. Arrange everything, including care of the children and pets whilst you are away. Even one night in the best hotel in town, just the two of you, will be a luxurious time that you can make memorable.

    Alternatively, surprise her with a hot air balloon ride where you can both be up in the clouds with a great view of the world below. Whether she is afraid of heights or not, it is also an excuse for you to hold her tight.

  • Create new memories
    love heart on a benchWhilst a vacation will create new memories, you can have fun year round with a gift of a game that you can play at home, with the family, with friends and with the kids too. All of which will create happy memories of your time together that she can journal, take photographs and have these as mementoes. Choose a fun game like a musical wine glass party set that will liven up any dinner date you have to make it musical, memorable, but above all fun. Just fill goblets to the desired note and run your moistened finger around the rim of the glass. Soon, your finger will cause the glass to vibrate, and a crystal-clear note will sound. Soon everyone will be trying it, since it is such good fun. With a party set of glasses you can create a real concerto. Each note is labeled on the goblet with sandblasted fill lines. For the musician in your life this is one of the most creative Valentine’s Day gifts and you can download sheet music for songs you can play for those that need a bit of a helping hand.