Top Crazy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s day is traditionally marked with gifts to a girlfriend, wife or significant lady with chocolates and roses or other flowers. You can always mix it up a little and surprise her with crazy Valentine’s gifts that will not be expected. These can be funny, crazy or wild, but all likely to get her heart racing and that is what Valentine’s day is all about. Here are our top crazy Valentine’s day gifts for her ideas:

Intersection of love

Commemorate the moment your paths first crossed with an intriguing, personalized art print of an intersection signpost featuring you and your sweetie’s names and the important dates you share. This commemorates the moment your paths first crossed and looks forward to walking down the same road together in the future. It is one of the most romantic Valentine’s day gifts, particularly if this is the day you choose to propose.

  • Glazed natural rose
    pearl roseA real rose which has been hand-picked at its height of beauty is the best of crazy Valentine’s day gifts as it is as unique and as perfect as your lady love. A perfectly glazed rose with a trim of 24 karat gold is lustrous and as brilliant as a mirror. The rose and stem is presented in a stylish display case made from leather and is an impressive symbolic representation of beauty and love that is both unique and artistic. Chose a rose in her favorite color that she can display in its case or in a vase. If your Valentine really likes her bling, consider a natural 24 karat gold-dipped rose instead.
  • Shoe storage ottoman
    This sounds like a crazy gift, but a storage ottoman is perfect for placing in a large closet, entry or at the foot of a bed if your lady has piles of shoes that never seem to fit anywhere. Inside, the ottoman has little “envelopes” velcroed all around the inside. Each envelope holds one shoe, total of 10 pairs. The center is open to store another ten pairs of short and medium sized boots. It can be used to store anything, whether it be blankets, books or other items she collects. She will go wild that you support her shoe collection and want to keep them secure.
  • Mix It Up!
    teapotIf your lady loves cocktails, a molecular mixology kit combines the art of the cocktail with mad-scientist and creative chemistry. Let her have a wild night with the girls, de-constructing their favorite drinks to change their look, feel, and presentation and take their tastebuds on an extraordinary adventure. Serve mojitos with a flavor bubble that bursts in the mouth, bite into a layered martini or add a touch of airy lime foam to tequila shots. A comprehensive DIY kit includes four pre-measured food additives, four specialized cocktail tools and a thirty-recipe DVD to facilitate futuristic concoctions. Wise to have quiet time planned the next day after that crazy and funny night.
  • WakaWaka Power and Solar Charger
    This may appear to be one of the inventive and funny Valentine’s day gifts ideas, but and you will be sure she will always be in contact, even when outdoors with this solar charger. A high efficiency solar panel converts the sun into power for USB devices and light for many uses. About the size and weight of a smartphone, the WakaWaka fully charges a smartphone in about two hours and provides up to 150 hours of light on a single charge. Better yet, with every purchase, a solar light will be given to a leading humanitarian aid organization, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), to provide to a child or family living without access to electricity.
  • Tube-Wringer
    piece of cakeIf you beloved and yourself have a toothpaste argument over squeezing the tube from top or bottom, you can create a new mantra of “Paste, Not Waste” with a tube-wringer that squeezes up to a third more out of your household supplies with this labor and time saving device. Just secure the tube between the aluminum rollers and turn the steel handle to compress. It iss simple, sturdy and effective. And it is a very funny and romantic way of making light of, and finding a solution to, your toothpaste war.
  • Growing Wishes Seed Kit
    Give the gift of growing a wish with eight different types of seeds, each with their own special meaning. These wildly romantic Valentine’s day gifts show that you understand that some of the best things in life need a bit of nurturing, cultivation and patience. The kit comes with six different types of seeds, all with special meaning, which your sweetheart can plant in your garden or in containers and water and sunlight and watch your wishes come into bloom. The seeds include sweet pea for friendship; pinks for strength; forget me knot for love; daisy for clarity; lavender for happiness and baby’s breath for joy.