Only a Lucky Girl will Receive such a Valentine’s Day Gifts

It is the thought that counts in a gift, but it is better if your beloved considers herself a very lucky girl when you present her with a token of your love for her. With some thought and planning that goes into your purchase, your Valentine’s day gift will show her what a nice and charming person you are. Here are some of our ideas that only a lucky girl will receive as Valentine’s day gifts:

  • Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones
    gadgetsThe best noise cancelling headphones matched with the best bluetooth headphones are one of the best Valentine’s day gifts for any lucky girl. The comfort and the excellent sound will be a nice gift if your lady commutes by public transport, struggles to concentrate in an open plan office, is a frequent flier or just wants a bit of peace and quiet in her life.
  • Take dreams up, up and away
    Give the gift of soaring sky-high by booking a lesson for your lady to learn to fly an aeroplane, helicopter or other aircraft. Show that you will support her to spread her wings and marvel at the memories that follow. While specific aviation topics and protocol may vary across flight schools, the excitement and expectations surrounding a typical day at the airport are fairly similar across the board. She will wrap up the ground instruction by assisting the, usually charming and certainly nice, instructor with the pre-flight aircraft inspection, then prepare for take-off. She will learn how to maintain altitude, handle turbulence, climb up and down, keep compass, fly in circles and more.
  • Rose jewelry set
    Buying jewelry for your loved one is a traditionally romantic Valentine’s day gift. Make her feel a lucky girl with a charming pendent and earring set she can accessorize with her favourite outfit. A pendant featuring a hand-crafted miniature rose bud fashioned from natural rose petals, which have been glazed and edged with 24k gold is available in two styles. One has the pendant in the shape of a heart surrounded by 21 synthetic diamonds and comes with a stylish multi-link gold-dipped chain. Each earring holds 16 synthetic diamonds. The other set has the pendant featuring two gold rose leaf figurines with thirty sparkling synthetic diamonds and earrings also have the rose leaf figurines in a flawless design.
    The rose can be colored red, pink, white, blue or purple and comes in a dark-blue velvet pouch with gold trimming and braided gold silk draw-strings. Combined, these are unique and amazing gifts for your very special Valentine.
  • GoPro
    A new GoPro waterproof to 10 meters (33 feet) without a housing is ready to take straight out of the box and into the sand and surf for some great holiday shots. Upgrade to the latest version to deliver the best possible stereo sound, less wind noise and voice controls to start and stop recordings. The most connected and convenient camera GoPro can now connect to phones and the cloud with GoPro Plus cloud service making it possible to upload, edit and share your clips with a phone or computer.
  • Mobile Printer
    If your girl is a photo fanatic, constantly snapping pictures with her phone that you never get to see, get her a mobile printer that can print instant photographs that are full color and smudge proof. Synchronise the printer to her android or iOS phone or tablet using Bluetooth or NFC technology and she will be printing in minutes onto premium paper, needing no ink and therefore, no hassle. Make sure to add plenty of extra printer paper for all those soon-to-be-shot nice holiday photos.
  • Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System
    girl tabletSometimes busy women have trouble shaking off the work day. That’s when this Sound Therapy system can save the evening and ease your lady into relaxation mode. She will feel a lucky girl as she will sleep better in a healthy sound environment that features six different thirty and sixty minute nature sound recordings. She can even set the gentle-off timer with a volume reduction feature. It is portable and easy to take anywhere (even on business trips) as it is powered by batteries, but also includes an AC adaptor to simply plug and go. For variety, get her some nice Rhythms of the Sea or Tropical Rain Forest sounds to gently lull her into the sweetest of dreams.
  • 1000 Ultimate Experiences
    Lonely Planet, the travel guide publisher, have put together a travel tome as a one-stop shop for anyone planning their next exciting experience abroad or closer to home. A romantic Valentine’s day gift, shows your lucky girl that you want to be with her forever as you journey the world, getting to know where the greatest markets are or the best value destinations. 1000 Ultimate Experiences brings together 1000 ideas, places and activities to inspire travellers. Get inspired and start ticking off those boxes of places you have always wanted to see and things you have always wanted to do. Who knows what adventures the two of you will have.