Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

While taking her out to dinner at a fantastic restaurant, with soft music playing, candles on the table, tasty food and a great wine, all of that can be done at home where it is private and intimate. For the man who can cook, making some of her favorite dishes and serving her will show her how much you love and appreciate everything about her. Don’t forget the all important clean up afterward, although if the night goes really well the dishes can wait until morning.

Best Tips For A Romantic Evening on Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine's Day dinner
Setting the Mood – While great food and wine are essential to a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two at home it is important to set the mood. If able, dim the lights. If you can’t and you have sufficient candles consider turning off the electric lights and using only candlelight to illuminate the dining area. Choose some soft, relaxing music that will play quietly in the background to help add romance to the evening. Tall candles on the table, a bouquet of flowers (red roses are an excellent choice) and pretty place settings will make the table look amazing. If you want her to open her gift before dining, consider placing it on her plate so that it is the first thing she notices when she sits down.

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Dinner Ideas – Not everyone is a gourmet cook but if you are familiar with the foods she particularly enjoys it would be a nice touch to cook at least one of them for her. It is better to do one dish really well than to attempt to do several and not have them come out as well as you would have liked. The dishes do not have to be difficult or labor intensive. Italian food is a popular choice and reasonably easy to make with fresh ingredients and a bit of planning ahead of time. You can start the meal with a fresh garden salad, followed by the dish you cooked served with warm, crusty fresh bread, followed by a cold dessert.

Some fairly easy to cook meal ideas are: Roast beef with fresh garden vegetables, lasagna, a soufflé, or chicken cacciatore. If you are short on time choose a meal plan that allows you to prepare foods ahead of time or to cook in a slow cooker that can be slowly simmering away while you are at work and ready when you arrive home.

For those who don’t feel comfortable or feel their cooking skills are somewhat lacking you can always have your dinner catered. Either have a professional catering company come into your home and have the meal ready to serve or if you have a takeout service that is of exceptional quality you can pick up your pre-ordered meal on the way home, put it into your own dishes and have it warming, ready to serve when she gets home.

Wine – Valentine’s Day dinner calls for good Champagne but a good white or red wine will suffice. Match the wine to the meal i.e. if serving roast beef go with a nice red wine. If uncertain as to what wine to pair with your dinner check online for recommendations and then ask for further recommendations at your local wine shop. Ask for advice as to serving temperature too so that the wine will be at its best.

Clean Up – A necessary evil of any meal preparation cleaning up should not be left to your special lady. As the meal preparation and cooking is something you want to do to show her how special she is and how much you love and appreciate her, the last thing you should do is expect her to clean up the kitchen. Cleaning up as you prepare and cook will lessen the workload later.

Gift Ideas – You’ve set the mood, the smells coming from the kitchen are mouthwatering, the music is relaxing, and the candlelight is unbelievably romantic. As you hold her chair for her while she sits down she notices a beautifully wrapped package on her dinner plate. The anticipation of discovering the contents is exciting to her.

Romantic gifts that will mean a lot to her are rose and jewelry gift set, luxury bath products, perfume, pretty lingerie and of course gourmet chocolates. Each of these items is small enough to be wrapped in beautiful paper with a nice bow and placed carefully on her plate. This gift doesn’t have to be an expensive item but will serve more as a token gesture to go with the romantic Valentine dinner you have lovingly prepared and cooked just for the two of you. You can certainly surprise her after dinner with a more significant gift such as an overseas vacation trip, a leather or fur coat, a tennis bracelet, or any number of other gifts that she will love, not just because they are wonderful gift ideas but also because you put a lot of time, energy and thought into making your special lady feel wanted, needed and loved beyond measure.

Author: Jennifer Allen

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