Classy Gifts for Classy Ladies

It is said that it is the thought that counts in a gift. For the classy lady in your life, it is nice if it is also a classy gift that suits her style. Here we have a selection of seven gift ideas that are something special and certainly not ordinary whether you are looking for an anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s day gifts for the woman you celebrate.

    1. Royal tea gift basket
      girl with pearlsEvery classy lady enjoys afternoon tea. A beautifully decorated basket is perfect for family time to be spent together with a cup of hot tea. Create your own gift basket or buy something special to include the perfect ingredients for a posh nosh. You can include an Italian double chocolate raspberry cake, triple chocolate hot fudge brownies, a large selection of herbal teas, including her favorites, Belgian chocolate fudge, mixed berry bars, butter-crunch toffee and other items that are not ordinary pantry goods you know she loves.
    2. Jewelry set
      Every classy lady will love the exquisite craftsmanship of a unique matching jewelry set featuring either a 24 karat gold heart design, perfectly romantic for Valentine’s day gifts or a leaf design for elegance. The set includes a 24 karat gold-dipped rose, a pendant created from real miniature rose petals, intricately glazed and decorated with 24 karat gold with a matching stylish 24k gold-dipped multi-link chain, plus a pair of earrings made from real miniature rose petals that have been glazed and decorated with 24k gold. The earring drops feature a gold ringlet decorated with sixteen brilliant synthetic diamonds. Each set comes with a prestigious leather display case with a velvet lining for the rose and within the rose presentation case, a navy-blue pouch containing the jewellery. There is no better gift for the classy lady who loves beautiful jewellery and the elegance of natural roses and you can choose from a range of thirteen colors including red, pink, purple, blue and white.
    3. Deep sea sand art
      Bring a calming presence to her home or office with a classy gift in the form of a sculpture that forms natural landscapes with sand. Simply rotate the glass ring and watch as delicate drifts of light and dark sand shift into deserts, mountains, clouds, rain, oceans and smoke, all ebbing and flowing into one another. There is an eternal yet fleeting quality about this interactive art, and the sparkling sand will mesmerize as it shapes a tiny world right before your eyes. It is a unique and inventive artwork that will bring a calming, natural presence and a sense of wonder wherever it is placed.
    4. Classy iPhone case
      woman red hatA sophisticated, not ordinary iphone case is needed as a classy gift for a classy lady. Treat your classy lady to an iphone case constructed from molding the two formidable materials of synthetic rubber and polycarbonate together to give her the strongest protection in the slimmest and sleekest designs that slip easily into pockets and purses. Whether the phone is at the office or in her toddler’s hands, it will be no problem if it is dropped since the raised, beveled edge also helps protect the touch-screen.
    5. Wake up light
      It is sometimes harsh to wake to the sound of an alarm clock, so treat your classy lady to a light with sunrise simulation that will wake her gradually with natural light. The bedside light will also dim to send her off to sleep at night. You can add a choice of natural and calming wake-up sounds and a radio and a tap-to-snooze alarm clock if required. This is something special for the lady who has to be up for work when it is still dark outside.
    6. Aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier and ionizer in one
      Thanks to latest technology, it is now possible to incorporate an aromatherapy diffuser with a humidifier and ionizer in one beautiful gift. For aromatherapy the technology produces vibrations at high frequency turning water into mist creating a soothing and therapeutic atmosphere. As a humidifier, it moistens and refreshes the quality of air we breathe, particularly when the heating is on. The ionizer produces “happy feeling” negative ions which help to lift mood, strengthen the immune system and relieve stress. Negative ions have several other benefits to the respiratory system and general well being. This is one of best Valentine’s day gifts of the market as it offers so much to your classy lady.

  1. Yours, mine and ours decanter set
    Also available in a cocktail shaker set, there is not one drink that cannot be improved by some good company. The unusual decanter or cocktail set celebrates that experience of communal refreshment with classic style. With a geometric Art Deco look, the two double old fashioned glasses are labeled “Yours” and “Mine,” while the decanter that brings them together is clearly marked “Ours.” The glasses are topped off with a sophisticated, hand-painted gold rim. An unforgettable gift for weddings or anniversaries, it makes a handsome addition to your tabletop or bar, where it invites both conversation and sharing.