Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Based on Zodiac Signs

It is believed that the astrological sign each person is born under influences certain character traits they have, and this can be carried over to what that person likes and dislikes in the way of gifts. When it comes to buying a Valentine’s Day gift it can be very helpful to know what sign she is born under and what gifts will be perfect for her.

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Best Gifts For People Who Believe In Astrological Signs

Romantic Valentine's Day
Aquarius – Aquarians have a generous nature and like to help others. They also tend to be logical, interested in ideas before emotions, patient and tolerant of others and make friends easily. They like gadgetry so anything techie will make a great gift for your Aquarian lady, particularly if it helps make her life easier so she has more time to help others.
Pisces – Pisceans are a little mysterious, keeping their thoughts to themselves most of the time. They are kind and caring but are not outwardly so. They tend to have a strong religious faith and worry more than the average person. For the religious woman something symbolizing her love of God will make a great gift.
Aries – Arians are full of life and have a competitive nature, thriving on the challenge of being the best at what they do. They tend to be leaders and like to be in control, having a strong dislike of being told what to do. Anything to do with improving themselves will make a great gift, so perhaps fitness gear or a learning experience may be a good gift for your Arian woman.
Taurus – Taureans are typically relaxed and at peace with themselves. They like anything luxurious and will work hard to get the good things in life. Though slow to commit to a relationship once they do they are loyal to the end. The country is in their soul so anything that is hand crafted of natural materials will be a Valentine’s gift she will truly appreciate.
Gemini – Gemini people like to be around others, rarely alone. They are great talkers, sharing ideas and having a wide range of topics to talk about. They tend to be adventurous and like new experiences so taking a hot air balloon ride will be a fun thing to do with your Gemini woman, ending with dinner and wine.
Gold-dipped natural rose
Cancer – Cancerians are fiercely protective of the people they care about and their home. They need to be needed and are great listeners. They are honest, reliable and dependable but will bail on a relationship if they feel they are being taken advantage of. A gift for a Cancerian woman that she would appreciate would be something decorative for her home – photo frames so she can have pictures of her family to hang on the wall.
Leo – The Leo woman is a natural born leader and love is very high on her list of priorities, both giving and receiving. Leos need to feel appreciated and adored, and tend to live a very organized lifestyle, surrounded with things of good quality. Suitable gifts for a Leo lady are luxury items that will clearly tell her that she is worth every dollar you spent on her.
Virgo – Virgoans tend to keep their house in order, with a place for everything and everything in its place. They are good listeners, good natured and can find themselves being taken advantage of because of their ability to multi-task. They tend to take on more than they can actually handle so anything that will lighten her workload will be a gift that is appreciated. Think of things that will pamper her such as a spa treatment or luxury bath products.

Romantic evening with roses and candles 
Libra – The Libra woman thrives in an atmosphere of peace and harmony, will consider all options when making a decision, and tends to be naturally happy all the time. They like balance in all aspects of their life and gravitate towards exercise that requires the brain to be involved such as marathon/long distance running. Anything fitness related may make a great gift for your Libra lady, or scented candles for her to burn while meditating.
Scorpio – Scorpions enjoy their own company as much as they do others and need to be alone at times in order to survive. They tend to be intense, contemplative people, and will take a stand against injustice. They are very disciplined and protective but when crossed will hold onto a grudge for years. Gifts that a Scorpion woman would enjoy are things that she can do or use when alone such as bath bombs, books, candles and/or incense.
Sagittarius – Sagittarians enjoy new experiences, traveling to new locations, meeting new people and like to be spontaneous. They are creative by nature and are most likely to opt for a lifestyle that allows them to come and go as they please. They are annoyed by being constrained and will do what they can to get free. Gifts that a Sagittarian would enjoy are a weekend getaway somewhere they have never been before, with ample opportunities to explore, or a road trip with no fixed destination.
Capricorn – The Capricorn woman is driven by a need to achieve lofty goals, and will work long and hard to achieve them. Accomplishment is of extreme importance to a Capricorn and they tend to be natural leaders. They don’t give their hearts easily but are worth pursuing. They tend to be intelligent and always learning. A gift that shows you recognize her drive to succeed will be a hit with your Capricorn woman. A leather briefcase, an organizer or tech gadgets that will help her reach her goals would all make great gifts.

Roses for the ladies - Valentine's Day gift

Author: Jennifer Allen

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