Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

One of the most attractive things about a woman is the ability to laugh. A good sense of humor is essential to good health and happiness. If you are blessed to have a woman in your life with a great sense of humor then chances are good that you laugh a lot with her. She most likely appreciates a good joke and likes funny things. This gives you lots of great options when considering giving her a valentine gift. The challenge is to find a funny gift that will genuinely amuse her and not be tacky or inappropriate.

Blue Glazed Rose Earrings

Blue glazed rose earrings in heart theme

  • Real miniature blue rose petals combined with 24k gold creates these pretty earrings.
  • In a gold-leaf design, each earring features a pretty gold leaf figurine.
  • Enclosed is an authenticity certificate.

Price: $79

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Blue Glazed Rose Pendant

Blue glazed rose pendant in leaf theme

  • A 24k gold-trimmed pendant, handcrafted using real blue miniature rose petals.
  • Incorporates 30 radiant synthetic diamonds and featured in a classic leaf design.
  • A lifetime guarantee protects the sophisticated detailing.

Price: $79

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Pink Glazed Rose Earrings

Pink glazed rose earrings in 24k gold leaf style

  • Uniquely elegant, these stylish earrings are crafted by hand from genuine rose petals.
  • In a gold-leaf design, each earring features a pretty gold leaf figurine.
  • A lifetime guarantee protects the intricate fine detail.

Price: $79

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Funny Valentine Gift Guide To Surprise Her

Upside Down Wine Glasses

Surprised woman
To the unknowing eye these wine glasses look just like any other wine glass except that you stand them on what would ordinarily be the top rim, and pour the wine into the base. She may be confused as to why you would give her wine glasses but when she realizes how unique and funny they are she will not be able to prevent herself from laughing.

Thanks for Parking Too Close Signs

If your lady drives a lot chances are at some point someone has parked too close to her car, making it difficult for her to get out of the parking space. These notices are anonymous but clearly let the owner of the offending car know what you think of their parking skills. Some are exceptionally rude while others are polite but blunt. Either way she will enjoy leaving one on the windshield of the next car that prevents her from pulling out of her parking spot.

Red matched set - rose, earrings and pendant

Funny T-Shirts

There are a million and one funny t-shirts available and depending upon how good your lady’s sense of humor is there is bound to be at least one that she will find hilariously funny and will enjoy wearing to give others a good laugh. If the two of you have a private joke that always makes you laugh when either of you mentions it consider creating your own funny t-shirt using one of the many Print on Demand services available online. If not a t-shirt perhaps a coffee mug. Most POD’s have a wide range of items your unique joke can be printed on.

Printed Toilet Paper

Laughing woman
Does your lady have someone she simply cannot stand in politics, on television or otherwise in the public eye? There are many novelty printed toilet papers with images of various public figures printed on. Find a roll that has the image of someone she dislikes and every time she uses the bathroom she can enjoy wiping her butt on their image. If not a person’s image maybe she would find it funny to use toilet paper that has $100 bills printed on it. It will be like throwing money down the toilet.

The Complete Guide to Male Obedience

This funny book is an instruction manual for women to train their men into behaving the way they want them to. What makes it even funnier is that although right on the cover it states “Secrets Revealed Inside” every page is blank! It is a notebook disguised as a funny book for women.

Adult Coloring Book

Sasha O’Hara has created a range of great coloring books just for adults, and one of her best sellers is titled Chill the F*ck Out. Each page has some irreverence as well as a great design to color in. Though the text in the coloring book is funny, adult coloring is also therapeutic so will be a great way for your precious lady to relax and have a good laugh at the same time.

Haynes Marriage Manual

For those unfamiliar, Haynes publish and extensive range of car repair manuals but this one is a funny twist on the books designed for the home and shop mechanic. This is a marriage manual and offers advice on such topics as routine maintenance, spare tires and more. Though it is a gift idea for the woman in your life it is a book that you might enjoy reading together and sharing a good laugh over.

Gold-dipped natural rose

Money Box

Not your usual piggy bank this is a money box with ‘Boob Job Fund’ written on the side. Provided your lady will see the funny side of this it will be a great place to put her spare change to save up for something she wants. If she puts it out where visitors and guests can see it she can enjoy watching others laugh at the joke, or look at her in a funny way and try and guess what they are thinking.

Temporary Tattoos

If your special lady is the kind of person who wouldn’t dream of ever getting a real tattoo this might be a valentine gift she will find funny and fun. She can apply one and try and fool friends and family into believing that she really got a tattoo. The looks on their faces when they see the fake tattoo will provide her with plenty of amusement.

Those were some of the best funny Valentine’s Day gifts for the woman in your life. Of course you know her best and it’s up to you what to choose. If you are still not sure what she will appreciate, then you might have a look for some special Valentine gift for her. Whether you gift her something funny or more special, she will be thrilled about the attention she received.

Author: Jennifer Allen

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